To Be a Woman

i like the way the stretch marks

on my thighs look human and

that we’re so soft yet rough and jungle wild

when we need to be

i love that about us

how capable we are of feeling

how unafraid we are of breaking

and tend to our wounds with grace

just being a woman

calling myself

a woman

makes me utterly whole

and complete

-rupi kaur

To be a woman is to be human and nothing less. It  is to be compassionate and full of strength. We are resilient, and worthy of living. Living a life that is challenging  in all the right ways, where we can grow and love alongside every other human in this world.

Today, I reflect on the women that have sauntered across my path in confidence or meekly made their way into my life. I think about how grateful I am for the variety of personalities and opinions I have had the pleasure of agreeing with and disagreeing with. I’ve meet loud women and quiet women, and women in between. I’ve meet women that are career driven and women that are family driven, and again, women that are in between. And this is why women cannot be reduced to being defined by just one simple word. People cannot be defined by a single word. Because there are complexities that are inherent in every human being. There are spectrums and we all fall on a different spot.

I cannot imagine a world where every human is exactly the same. How boring that would be! The excitement lies in our differences and the comfort lies in knowing every person we pass has a different story than our own but it is a story none the less, with value and lessons to be learned.

This is an important and exciting time to be a woman and any human for that matter. Where struggle is overwhelming and change is inevitable, it is time to see what we are made of! To dive beyond the simple definitions society often sets for ourselves with no questions asked. It is a time to push forward and stand together.

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

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