Finding Equilibrium: The Book

Many people have congratulated me on Self-publishing my poems and I am thankful to have so many people that are supportive of me when it comes to my writing. However, deciding to self-publish was not a decision based off of my desire to be recognized or patted on the back. I have found recently, that my brain had been in some serious need of creativity and this book was the perfect project.

I am currently working on my Master’s degree which has me up to my neck in theories on sustainable practices and readings on how we can create more compassionate communities. All of this I love, but they tend to lack in the department of creative processes. Granted I know once I complete the readings and memorize the theories I will be able to use my creativity for problem-solving and solution making because we all know that’s what this world needs…creative solutions.

I often hear professionals talk about not reinventing the wheel, which I agree with to an extent. What I don’t agree with, is using the existing wheel without being a creative and adapting said wheel to our current situation. Too often, i see the wheel being re-used over and over again with the same disappointing results. So why don’t we try creating something new?

Now what does this wheel have to do with me self-publishing? Well this is the first of what will be my many attempts to create a whole new wheel. Creating something new, that’s never been seen before, requires, thoughtful actions, self promotion, and careful attention to details. All of which I was able to practice while creating a book of my poems. Now, this book isn’t perfect, like I said, it’s the first of many attempts I’m sure, but at least it’s a start on my journey to creating solutions that have never been tried before.

So if you’re interested in supporting my writing and  a person dedicated to creative problem solving (that’s me) then check out my self-published book “Finding Equilibrium” available on Amazon in paperback and Ebook:

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