A wanderer at heart, I used to believe that my purpose in this world was to change it. But now, I know, that the world is meant to change me. Constantly growing and learning from my surroundings, my purpose is to be a never ending sponge, absorbing as many experiences as I can. Whether these experiences are five minutes down the road or all the way across the world, does not matter. What does matter is the depth and power behind each moment in my life.

I find my passion in life long learning and the adventures of life! More often then not, I express that passion through spoken word  and photographs where I hope to capture  the essence of what it means to be human in this constantly changing world.

My passions have led me to graduate school at the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont. Where I am working towards a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Service Learning and Management. S.I.T is where I discovered a culture of listening and story telling amidst the ocean of academia in which I have dove into. Both are necessaries in my life…

Which is  often ordinary but it is the perspective you approach it with that turns the everyday life into extraordinary incidences. Incidentally, much of my time is spent hiking, reading, and sharing stories with the humans I call friends and family. Good conversation and adventure are key. So if you feel like using a bit of your imagination and diving into seemingly ordinary stories that just might surprise you follow The Nook!

Creating adventure one story at a time.