Here you will find photos that capture the essence of the people I have meet and the places I have been.

The stark difference between Fall and Winter in Texas (12/13/2017)


“Signs usually just tell us what not to do or where not to go.” (1/28/2017)


SIT campus trail as I returned to campus after a month of being away (1/21/2017)


Walking along one of the many paths on Goree Island, exploring history and nature 1/07/2017


The Nook visits the Monument De La Renaissance Africaine. A controversial monument for the people of Senegal it reminds me that representation of culture is something many groups struggle with in forming and maintaining their identity. Location: Dakar, Senegal 1/03/2017

IMG_1078.jpgDinner with our Dakar family on the second night of our stay  Location: Dakar, Senegal 1/04/2017


Gathering outside the L’Ouvre on a beautiful sunny day in Paris, France 12/29/2016


Noticed a trend: Europeans loved to gather outside, no matter what the weather, Location: Paris, France 12/29/2016


Outdoor market on a bitter cold Friday evening in Munich Germany. The cold doesn’t stop them from hanging out and having a good time outside! 12/30/2016


The Nook takes on Paris, France! 12/29/2016


A heavy snow fall at SIT in Brattleboro, VT got us outside to play amidst studying for finals 12/05/2016


Fall was a time to get outside and appreciate nature at SIT in Brattleboro, VT 10/17/2016

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit” –


Hikers at the summit of Mount Wantastiquet in New Hampshire take in the foggy view 10/16/2016

“The road less traveled is not without its struggles but it is so much more exciting”

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